Salt-N-Pepa, The High Divers and Cottontown Soul Society

Salt n pepa picture

As the first female rap act to receive a Grammy and attain platinum status, Salt-N-Pepa has blazed the trail for female hip-hop artists for the past 35 years. With hit songs including “Push It,” “Shake Your Thang,” “Shoop” and “Whatta Man,” hip-hop legends Cheryl “Salt” James and Sandra “Pepa” Denton have released several successful albums including the critically acclaimed, multi-platinum “Hot, Cool & Vicious.” As revolutionaries of rap, Salt-N-Pepa broke barriers in empowering women and influenced millions with their music. With more than 12 million albums sold, their contributions to culture and the world of hip hop have influenced the landscape and look of music as we know it today. “People come up to us and mention that our music touched them, brings back so many great memories for them and helped them just see life differently,” says Salt. Starring on the current BET special “Ladies Night,” Salt-N-Pepa are putting on concerts nationwide, most recently as part of the New Kids on the Block MixTape Tour. Find Salt-N-Pepa on social media (Instagram: @saltnpepaofficial, Facebook, Twitter: @thesaltnpepa), and learn more at

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With anthemic choruses, lush three-part harmonies, and rhythms rooted just as deeply in Motown as in rock ’n’ roll of the past and present, The High Divers create songs that nod to the classics, while carving out a sonic space all their own. A fixture of the South Carolina music scene with a growing national profile, the band is known for its charismatic on-stage swagger and its ability to get the crowd involved.

The High Divers are comprised of husband and wife Luke Mitchell (guitar, vocals) and Mary Alice Mitchell (keyboards, vocals), along with Julius DeAngelis (drums) and Kevin Early (bass, vocals). Each member of the band grew up on Hilton Head Island, before relocating to Charleston, S.C., to officially form The High Divers, where they began immediately recording their debut album, “Riverlust.” 

With four years of national touring and two studio albums, a growing fanbase has come to love The High Divers’ live shows. The band recently finished recording in Nashville, Tenn., and is heading into a busy year of national touring. To learn more, visit

cottontown soul society band picture

The members of Cottontown Soul Society are on a mission: to create music that unites people. Every performance advances this cause — bringing joy, acceptance and a musical connection to both their community and the world at large.

The band was formed as a promise kept to the late Skipp “Pops” Pearson, South Carolina’s Ambassador of Jazz and the mentor with whom bandleader, Shelley Magee, first shared her vision. Pearson believed strongly in music as a force for good, and charged her with making her vision for the band a reality. While he didn’t live to see the band onstage, his spirit shares the spotlight in each and every performance. (And if you look closely, you’ll find his portrait at every show.)

By bringing a diverse family of Columbia music-scene veterans together, Cottontown Soul Society blends its members’ individual styles and experiences through their shared touchpoint with Pearson. With deeply funky rhythms and soaring vocals, the band’s style transcends time and genre to connect individually with every listener. The result is a fun and soulful show the audience won’t soon forget. To learn more, visit