"The recent flooding has dealt our state a huge blow, and it will require effort and collaboration from all of us to support those who are suffering the most. Our thoughts are with those of our citizens in the Midlands, Sumter, Charleston and other South Carolina communities who are still without power, heat, or homes. Thanks to all of our City, State and Federal workers who gave so much of themselves during this time. Unity is the reason that ColorBlind came together and we are very grateful to be a part of an event that unifies our state and our community." -ColorBlind

ColorBlind brings diversity to the S.C. music scene with a unique mesh of folk and hip-hop, a.k.a. folk-hop. The band is a collaboration between FatRat Da Czar from Columbia, S.C. and Justin Smith from Lexington, S.C. Prior to partnering as ColorBlind, both artists made names for themselves both locally and regionally as solo artists. FatRat Da Czar is a successful artist and entrepreneur in the South Carolina hip-hop music scene, and Justin Smith is a well known folk-rock musician and songwriter. 


Friends for a decade, the two artists’ worlds collided in 2013 when they started their musical mission: to highlight similarities between two people from completely different backgrounds. The whole album started off as the duo creating music and having a good time in the studio, and flourished from there. ColorBlind represents the fusion of different worlds. Smith explains, “everyone could be ColorBlind, it would open up endless opportunities for all of us to create, work and live in a world without boundaries.”

ColorBlind’s creative and fresh vibe will make for an unforgettable NYE show.


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