Going Green

FHNY is committed to hosting a green event. Thanks to the SC Education Lottery, FHNY has been able to keep recycling as a key focus for FHNY.

FHNY volunteers and multiple organizations participate in preparing and executing our recycling plan.

Organizations included in the process:

  • SC Education Lottery
  • University of South Carolina
  • City of Columbia, Public Works
  • City Center Partnership

Elements of the plan that will be included in FHNY:

1. All food vendors use recycled or recyclable foodservice products (cups, plates, napkins).
2. No Styrofoam.
3. Clearly marked, clear stream recycling bins placed next to every trash can.
4. Recycling bins for each type of recyclable material adjacent to each food and beverage area.
5. Recycling receptacles managed to avoid overflow.
6. Partners and volunteers will deliver recycling to appropriate city-managed containers in designated off-footprint areas.
7. Stage personalities including artists asked to remind people to recycle.

FHNY is dedicated to improve its expertise and dedicate this celebration to the sustainability of the Midlands.